Meet the Force: ACEVES

Diego "The Magic Man" Aceves has been making Force fans cheer for almost 3 full years now.  A South Kitsap High School talent that took his career to First Team Selection heights at PLU has featured in almost every men's Force game, indoor and outdoor, since our first season.

A box-to-box, attacking minded midfielder with quick feet and the ability to score some stunning goals, Diego earned his nickname with fancy footwork and a spectacular last second goal at the PASL Nationals in the first season of the indoor Force and has solidified the nickname with his performances since.

One such experience came in the WISL League Semi Finals in 2015 when from the center circle, Diego collected the ball and played a wall pass with himself to beat the defender all the way back across the field and then slashed a shot into the far corner beating both the defender and keeper.