Golden Touch - Ricci Wiedbrecht

It's been years, no seriously, years since GK Ricci Wiedbrecht played high level competitve soccer.  Since she last played, she's had 4 kids, put on a lot of weight, taken all that weight back off and now has found her home again between the posts for your Women's Olympic Force.  It just goes to prove, that no matter how long your away from the game, you don't forget how, you just have to remind your body how to.

From the Olympic Force, we would like to congratulate Ricci on an amazing return to soccer and her accomplishment in winning the league's Golden Glove award for the most complete game shutouts during the season (4) which was twice as many as any other keeper in the league.  Well done Ricci, and welcome back to the pitch!

"It's awesome!" said Wiedbrecht.  "I was so happy just to be able to play again after the work I put in to have to lose the weight and so long spent not have had this experience and to have performed as well as I did, amazing."