Owner, Bill Wright

Meet Bill Wright.  The Oly-Pen Force and Oly-Pen Sports owner, is first and foremost, a husband and father of two.  This is ultimately important because that is how Bill conducts his life and business, as one big family.

Bill took over the Oly-Pen Sports (formerly OSSC) with a mindset of improving soccer in Kitsap County and a way to give back to a community that he calls home.  He started the Oly-Pen Force under that very same idea, to give the local players in the area the opportunity to continue playing at the highest level on a team that the community can come together and support.

He ultimately pushes the Force programs to always be the best they can be and to cherish the moments and friendships made along the way.  If you happen to see him enjoying a Force game in the sun during the summer or banging on a tamborine during an indoor game at OPS, feel free to say hi, he will always take a moment to chat with you.